What Is Black Water?

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If your commercial business has experienced a water issue such as flood water damage, a burst pipe or some other issue you may be wondering where to start with mitigation and restoration. One of the first things you need to figure out is what category of water damage you are dealing with. Category 1, or clean water, is water that is not contaminated. Category 2, or gray water, may contain some contaminants such as microorganisms. Category 3, or black water, is considered severely contaminated, usually with harmful bacteria from storm damage or other areas. If you have category 3 water damage, it is extremely important that you take the necessary steps to mitigate it and avoid lasting damage to your commercial building.

How To Know If You Have Category 3 Water Damage

Category 3 water damage can contain many contaminants, such as untreated sewage and microbes. It can come from multiple different sources, such as:

1. Sewage leaks

2. Flood water runoff

3. Standing water

4. Toilet backups

What To Do If You Have Water Damage

If you know or suspect that your commercial building has category 3 water damage, you may be wondering what to do to ensure yourself and any building residents are safe. After tending to any immediate emergencies or damages and ensuring all residents are safe, you should call in a professional water restoration company. Do not try to mitigate any damages or take out any standing water until a professional restoration company arrives.

A professional restoration company will typically bring professional-grade equipment and personal protective equipment to help keep themselves safe. Typically, they will first remove any standing water and tend to any immediate problems. You can then begin to restore your building and get it back into working shape. This may include processes such as dry cleaning any furniture that has been effected or drying out enclosed rooms, such as basements to avoid mold.

If your commercial building has been affected by flood water or another water issue that has given it category 3 water damage, be sure to call in professionals to help you mitigate damages and get your building back to normal as quick as possible

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