Tips for Teaching Washing Machine Hose Maintenance

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When you arrive on the scene of a home flood in one of the U.S. cities we services such as Dallas, TX, that is the result of a burst washing machine hose, it's important for you as the water damage restoration expert to educate the occupants on water damage prevention. This important responsibility can be forgotten in the hustle and bustle of doing the restoration work, so make sure to prioritize it by using resources that make your job easier, like finding a financing company for the restoration claim that will free you up to focus on your customer. Here are a few tips that you can provide to your clients for how to keep their homes dry.

1. Replace the Hose
Whether needed or not, it's best practice to replace a washing machine hose every three to five years. Hoses can deteriorate from the inside out, especially if the hose is bent or kinked behind the machine.

2. Switch to Steel
When changing out a hose, consider switching to a stainless steel braided washing machine hose instead of a rubber hose. Stainless steel is much more durable and although the upfront cost is a little higher than a rubber hose, the water damage prevention benefits are too great to ignore.

3. Check for Problems
Keep an eye on the washing machine hose. Once a month, check the hose for any cracks or spots that look worn. Ensure that the connection to the washing machine is tight since this is where a break can occur most easily. Try to prevent the hose from getting bent behind the machine, as this can deteriorate the tubing more rapidly.

4. Practice Safe Usage
Only use the washing machine when home and awake. When away or sleeping and the hose bursts, it is unlikely that the problem will be caught before significant water damage has occurred.

As a restorer and educator, make sure that you take the time to help your customer understand the importance of washing machine hose maintenance for water damage prevention.

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