Steps of the Water Mitigation and Restoration Process

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When your home or office in Miami, FL, has damage from a leak or flood, it's in your best interest to call water mitigation experts as soon as possible. It's also important to know what to expect when the technicians arrive at your building.

1. Assessment

The first thing the members of the water repair team have to do is assess the problem. They need to know how big an area it covers as well as how saturated the materials are. This assessment helps them come up with a reliable estimate.

2. Water Extraction

To prevent secondary damage, the technicians have to extract the excess moisture. Industrial pumps help them remove standing water quickly. Dehumidifiers and methods for increasing airflow help them further dry out the space during water cleanup.

3. Material Removal

The next step of water mitigation is removing materials that cannot be saved. This may include carpets, floorboards, drywall, insulation or ceiling tiles. Any items that cannot be salvaged must also be thrown away.

4. Sanitation

Unless all the water that causes the problem comes from a clean source, the remaining surfaces will need to be sanitized. The disinfection process gets rid of bacteria and other microorganisms, leaving a clean space for rebuilding.

5. Water Restoration

Technicians don't just gut your building and leave it. They restore it to its previous state. Materials that were torn out are replaced and the structure is rebuilt. Finally, the team matches the new tiles, flooring or paint to the remaining structure around it so that no one can tell where the damage was.

You may not be able to complete water mitigation yourself, but understanding the procedures involved helps you hire reliable experts and have reasonable expectations. Now when you see the estimate provided by the restoration invoicing company, you'll know exactly what each item on the list entails.

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