Restoration Company Billing Trends for 2021

Let our account specialists deal with the adjuster.

Let our account specialists deal with the adjuster.

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Xactimate Invoicing

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The restoration industry constantly changes as technology develops. New methods and equipment become available each year, enabling you to work more efficiently. Billing methods change, too. Here is a look at Xactimate and trends for 2021.

Flexibility for Employees

Now more than ever, your employees need options for working remotely. If your office staff needs to put together flood estimates, for example, while they are away from the office, your software needs to be available where they are. They require the option to work from:

A desktop computer at home
A mobile device or smartphone
A laptop

Xactimate software allows users to work offline and sync updates later when an online connection is established.

Paperless Invoices and Bills

Going paperless has many advantages. It can save you the cost associated with printing, assembling and delivery. Paper invoices can get lost in a customer's direct-mail pieces, becoming misplaced or accidentally discarded. These incidents can delay payments.

Many customers appreciate the convenience of accessing invoices electronically from any device. They can review, record and pay bills at their convenience. A customer dealing with water damage, for example, who might be staying away from home can appreciate the convenience of accessing financial information remotely.

Invoicing Service

Your business may benefit from working with a company that provides invoicing and collections service. When your employees are free to focus on customer service instead of billing and payment collection, you can streamline your operations.

Cloud-Based Services

Cloud-based services allow your staff to get the job done no matter where they are. They also keep your software package current without the hassle of downloading updates, a time-consuming process. Using a consistently updated package means you can stay current with ever-changing industry regulations and insurance requirements.

Outdated or unsupported software slows you down and make your business less competitive. Cloud-based software lets you create invoices quickly, helping you get paid faster.

Technology changes quickly, and keeping up with billing technology through Xactimate or other tools can help you stay on top of changes. Net Claims Now works with Restoration Companies across the United States. Contact our team to speed up your billing process.

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