Quick Tips for Filing a Successful Insurance Claim

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Let our account specialists deal with the adjuster.

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When something goes wrong in your home or business and you must file an insurance claim, the situation can get overwhelming and things can be forgotten. A few common mistakes can lead to a payment denial. You can avoid this by knowing what is required before submitting your request for coverage. Here are some tips to guide you through the maze of filing restoration claims.

Provide Adequate Evidence to the Insurance Company

Collecting and submitting enough evidence is crucial and can differentiate between getting what you need and getting denied. There are a few things that you should submit; too much evidence is better than not enough:

Photographs: Take pictures as soon as you are clear of any danger. More is better.

Witness statements: Accounts from witnesses can be conducive to proving your case.

Medical documents: Medical exams and doctors’ notes (if any) are also essential.

Ask Why

If the claim is denied or is for less than what you expected or needed, ask why. You can use the explanation from the underwriter to put together an appeal, an option you can pursue if you feel the denial was unjustified.

Seek Assistance

Your state’s insurance department may be able to help you understand your rights and why you were denied and ensure you aren’t taken advantage of. See what they can do before you get too deep into the process; it may save you money. Another alternative is to hire an attorney who is familiar with all aspects of filing. It might be the easiest way to make sure you have a solid case and get help with any appeals that may be necessary.

Businesses, including restoration companies, may find that working with collecting professionals like Net Claims Now can expedite and maximize claim payouts. There’s no need to add worry to an already stressful situation. Knowing what is needed and getting a little help from professionals can make a difference.

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