Is Third-Party Billing Right for You?

Let our account specialists deal with the adjuster.

Let our account specialists deal with the adjuster.

  • A proven system with prompt payment.
  • Actually get paid for completed jobs.
  • Track your payment & Increase cash flow.

Xactimate Invoicing

Get paid like the big guys, with respect.

Claims Negotiations
& Payment Tracking

It’s like having your own AR department, without the payroll expense.

Benefits of Net Claims Now

Net Claims Now (NCN) takes care of the billing and collecting aspects of the business, so you can focus on the rest of your company’s needs. Some benefits of NCN’s services include:

-More time to focus on attracting customers and completing jobs
-Quicker payments
-Access to the NCN document center
-Access to helpful customer service associates
-Access to the MYNCN portal, where you can track the status of all invoices

The goal of NCN is to take your mind off customer payments and maintain cash flow, so that you can keep doing what you do best.

How Net Claims Now Works

The NCN interface is clean and streamlined to make tracking your documents simple. The following steps outline the invoicing process:

Upload and submit information. You can choose to expedite the invoice creation for an additional fee. This can be done from an office computer or a smartphone at the jobsite.
View the completed invoice within 24 hours and verify accuracy.
Choose whether or not you want to handle the collections or turn the invoice over to the NCN collections department.

You can submit information in the portal to create professional, accurate estimates as well. Your NCN membership provides access to a video library that includes many how-to videos and access to friendly, professional customer service representatives so that you can find the answers to all your questions quickly and easily.
The Net Claims Now team has helped many restoration companies streamline their invoicing and collecting services so that they can focus their energies on taking care of their customers’ needs. The NCN website has customer testimonials and more details about services offered.

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