How Net Claims Now Can Improve Accounts Receivable

Let our account specialists deal with the adjuster.

Let our account specialists deal with the adjuster.

  • A proven system with prompt payment.
  • Actually get paid for completed jobs.
  • Track your payment & Increase cash flow.

Xactimate Invoicing

Get paid like the big guys, with respect.

Claims Negotiations
& Payment Tracking

It’s like having your own AR department, without the payroll expense.

Accounts receivable is a vital part of any restoration business. Your business may be thriving and you may be bringing in new clients on a regular basis, but it is important to make sure that your collections process leads to timely, accurate payments.

Net Claims Now specializes in providing invoicing services to restoration companies. Here are some of the ways NCN can help your business process commercial claims and maintain optimal cash flow.  

1. Give Every Invoice the Attention It Deserves

The specialized service provided by NCN allows you to keep track of every invoice and update the details as needed. You can make sure that every service you provide to your customers is accounted for.

2. Lower Administrative Costs

One of the main benefits of using NCN to manage accounts receivable for your restoration company is that you will be able to streamline the accounts receivable process, which will reduce administrative labor costs. Over the long term, reducing these costs and improving the accounts receivable process will lead to higher profit margins.  

3. Avoid Cash Flow Issues

A business that struggles to receive accurate customer payments in a timely manner may eventually struggle with cash flow. If cash flow is erratic due to late or incomplete customer payments, it may be difficult to pay your company's employees and vendors on time. NCN can help you manage large commercial claims so that you can get paid on time and maintain cash flow.  

4. Focus on the Benefits of Growing Your Business

Having an account specialist from NCN manage accounts receivable allows you and your employees to focus on the other important sides of the business. In short, NCN can help your restoration business with commercial claims by handling accounts receivable in a timely, efficient manner. You can look toward the future and focus on the growth of your business rather than worrying about customer payments.

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