Benefits of Third-Party Billing for Restoration Companies

Let our account specialists deal with the adjuster.

Let our account specialists deal with the adjuster.

  • A proven system with prompt payment.
  • Actually get paid for completed jobs.
  • Track your payment & Increase cash flow.

Xactimate Invoicing

Get paid like the big guys, with respect.

Claims Negotiations
& Payment Tracking

It’s like having your own AR department, without the payroll expense.

Consistent, timely billing is important for restoration companies that survive on the revenue from their invoicing. Mistakes and lost payments can be expensive and harmful. By outsourcing billing and collections, restoration businesses can enjoy timely payments and accurate results.

Prompt Payments

Late payments, partial payments, and unpaid invoices are common problems for restoration companies. With a devoted team of invoice and collection professionals working on your behalf, your restoration company can maintain a focus on providing high-quality services. Third-party invoice providers often reduce the turnaround time for payments by 50 to 60 percent.

Reduced Losses

When you hire an in-house team to handle billing, you're also responsible for covering their training, education, benefits, and payroll. You need to make sure those professionals are supervised by other staff members. When you hire a third party to handle billing, you reduce all those expenses. You can free up your office staff to complete other responsibilities. It's also possible that a third-party billing and collecting team, solely focused on these tasks, will make fewer mistakes because they don't have to divide their focus.

Accurate Paperwork

Ongoing reports are a great way to keep track of your business success. These reports make it possible to recognize billing mistakes and areas that could use improvement. Team leaders and business owners don't have to review the paperwork submitted by each employee when they can easily pull up one report that has been completed by a third-party biller.


Third-party invoicing is a great way to reduce the amount of paperwork required of your technicians and office staff. Additionally, professionals who are consistently trained in billing are more likely to reduce errors in calculations.

When you decided to outsource your invoicing and collecting efforts, you can reduce the amount of work required by technicians and office staff, improve the quality of billing results, improve your cash flow, and enjoy a stronger return for your services. Take advantage of Otter Tail, MN third-party providers, and you may be surprised by the improvements you experience.

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