4 Ways Xactimate Can Streamline Your Invoice Process

Let our account specialists deal with the adjuster.

Let our account specialists deal with the adjuster.

  • A proven system with prompt payment.
  • Actually get paid for completed jobs.
  • Track your payment & Increase cash flow.

Xactimate Invoicing

Get paid like the big guys, with respect.

Claims Negotiations
& Payment Tracking

It’s like having your own AR department, without the payroll expense.

When you own a restoration company in Plano, TX getting paid for a finished job can be more of a challenge than you expect. With Xactimate invoicing, you can streamline the process and increase your chances of getting paid what the job is actually worth when the insurance claim is filed. Xactimate eliminates some of the common problems that occur with traditional invoice procedures.

Apply Policies

It's frustrating to complete work only to discover after billing that your customer's policy doesn't cover it. It can be useful to have a system that applies policy information:

-Depreciation Defaults

This feature allows you to only report to the insurance company the costs that are covered by the customer's policy. You are more likely to get paid the full amount when your work falls within the confines of the coverage.

Prevent Errors

Xactimate can overcome problems caused by human error. It looks for potential issues and corrects them. It also eliminates redundancy to present a cleaner estimate.

Save Time

Automated processes make producing estimates for water damage much easier and faster. Preferences can be pre-set for particular types of policies, turning estimate production into straightforward data entry. The system also allows for electronic signatures, which tends to reduce response time.

Create Reports

This program creates final flood estimates that include all the information claims adjusters need. Every unique piece of data about the job, including all forms and pictures, are synthesized into one PDF file. The file can then be sent directly to the provider for processing.

When you complete a job, you deserve to get paid for all the work you do. While you cannot control the insurance provider's policies, you can streamline your own estimate process to show how your work fits within them. Xactimate is a helpful tool that produces quick, error-free invoices that satisfy estimator's requirements.
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