4 Reasons Insurance Companies Delay Restoration Claims

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When an insurance company delays a restoration claim, many problems can arise for clients and businesses. Here are the most prominent reasons a delay would occur for this type of claim.

1. Scope of Damage
One of the biggest factors that can lead an insurance company to delay this type of claim occurs while establishing the scope of the damage. If a company makes an error during this process, they may receive less than the total costs right away, forcing them to rely on a remediation lender.

2. Work Schedules and Timelines
When the remediation company does your estimate, they will create a proposed timeline and work schedule for your project in Breckenridge, CO. An experienced manager will break the work down into milestones that must be met and give each one extra time for problems. They will also add time for acquiring materials, subcontractor delays, equipment availability, and weather interference.

3. Coverage Issues
Sometimes, problems happen on the client's end, such as when they don't know what is covered under their insurance policy. Clients will often start construction when this is the case because they believe their coverage will pay for the remediation. However, when they find out they must pay for certain repairs, they will delay the work.
This problem occurs in many situations, but it is worse with flood cases where the damage will worsen with time. This leads to higher costs for the remediation work. It is best to ensure your clients understand their policies before starting work to avoid coverage issue delays.

4. Non-Payments
Sometimes people have trouble making a payment on work that is not covered by their policy. This is a major problem because most restoration companies expect upfront payments from clients to start work immediately.

Delays caused by both clients and the companies they purchased their coverage with can lead to frustration. Fortunately, knowing the most common causes of delays can help you avoid them.

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