4 Invoice Tips for Faster Payment

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After completing a flood restoration project for your client in Dallas, TX, you should be paid for all the work you completed. The best way to ensure full and timely payment is to submit a detailed invoice. When it comes to creating your invoice, it is important to make sure it is easy to read, detailed and professional. These factors can make or break the speed at which you are paid by home insurance providers and customers.

Follow these four invoice tips for faster payment processing.

1. Use Your Business Name and Logo

Make sure your business name, address and logo are printed clearly on your statement so the payor can identify who the bill is from. If your company’s name is not visible or legible, your request for payment could be overlooked and tossed out. You should also include your contact information in case there are any questions regarding the flood restoration.

2. Provide Clear Payment Terms

These terms outline when payment is expected and detail any special conditions. If your payment terms and specifications are more complex, 3rd party billing services can help with managing invoicing and collections.

3. Include an Itemized List

Your invoice should contain a detailed list of all work performed, hourly rates, and subtotals. Information that clearly states the services you performed and the time spent on each one will help the payor determine if the work is covered under the customer’s home insurance policy. Professional billing services are well-versed in insurance practices and can help manage this process. Be sure to include the dates the work was completed and be specific in listing the individual services performed to repair the water damage.

4. Include an Invoice Number

Each invoice you submit should have its own identification number to track each project individually. Use a sequential numbering system so you can find the document quickly and easily.

It is important to be as thorough as possible when submitting an invoice to a home insurance company for flood repairs. Providing as much information as possible in a clear, concise manner will expedite the process, ensuring that you are paid quickly for your work.

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